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April 17 - Meetup at Cloudflare Austin

April 17 - Meetup at Cloudflare Austin

Hey everyone! This month’s meetup hosted by Cloudflare, located at located at 106 E. 6th Street, Austin. Our guest speaker will share everything that’s cool, hip, and amazing about Apple platform security.


6:30pm - Arrive, mingle, eat 🍕
7:00pm - Chris Miller, Introductions
7:05pm - Guest Speaker, Apple Platform Security Update
8:05pm - Q&A
8:20pm - Open Discussion, more 🗣

Venue Information

If you’d like to speak at a future meetup in Austin please let us know.


Registration is now available on Eventbrite. Please RSVP on Eventbrite prior to the event, as this will streamline the check-in process and ensure enough food is ordered.

Upcoming meetups

We’re super happy to announce that meetups in 2019 will happen at a regular cadence on the third Wedneday of every month. Odd months will be happy hours, and even months will be presentation-based meetups.

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