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April Meetup Recap

We had a great meetup at Trusource Labs! Thanks again to Ben Nemeth of Apple for his talk about the recent developments Cisco has released to increase native support for Apple devices. Shout out to Mike Donovan for his demo of Datadog! And special thanks to Jamf and Heather Adel for providing Tacos!

Below are the assets from the meetup, including the main deck and a recording of the Facebook Live video.

Main deck

Mike Donovan - Monitoring Jamf Pro Clusters with Datadog!

Facebook Live Feed

Until next time…

Our next meetup will be on June 20th at the University of Texas. Check back here for more details soon!

If you’d like to speak at a future meetup in Austin please let us know.


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Apple Cisco Technical Links - Here are some of the links to the white papers and resources that Ben referred to in his presentation.