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February Meetup Recap & Resources

February Meetup Recap & Resources

Hey y’all! It was great to see so many of you out at WeWork this week for our event sponsored by Jamf and the Apple Business Team from The Domain’s Apple Store.

Austin Apple Admins February 2017 WeWork

Many thanks to Allister Banks for being our guest presenter, and to Jamf for providing pizza! WeWork also had beer on tap that many of us enjoyed. What a great space!

Here are my introductory slides:

And here are the slides from Allister’s talk:

We also have a few video recordings of the event, including our Facebook Live feed in two parts (which got a little wonky in the middle, apologies for that):

Allister took a screen recording of his presentation as well, so you can see the slides and hear him speak, making up for the fact that our iPad did not pick up the projector all that well.

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Upcoming programming note

We will be skipping a March meetup due to SXSW. However, we would be happy to help schedule a non-sponsored happy hour gathering if folks are interested.

See y’all next time!